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Chassis, Wheels & Brakes.


Attention to detail at our core, the chassis, is often what distinguishes a nice bike from a great one. Every chassis rebuild is literally “show” quality.


Chromed parts are Triple Plate finished (Copper, Nickle & Chrome), and to the highest industry standards, Wheel hubs are polished and/or painted to “show” quality depending on authernticity and/or requirments of the customer,


All SCS restorations retain a special show quality appearance after many years and miles on the road. Here are some of the details included in a SCS Restoration.




  • Vapor Blast, triple trees & restore to stk aperance.

  • Vapor Blast, fork cover / headlight bracket & restore to stk aperance.

  • New, NOS chromed, headlight shell.

  • Vapor Blast frame, Then we inspecte and repaired as required.

  • Vapor Blast swing arm, Then we inspecte and repaired as required.

  • Frame, engine plates, swing arm, side and center stands, battery box, etc. are painted to factory colors.

  • New Timkin tapered bearings & grease serts are installed in the steering neck & swinging arm.

  • New swing arm spindle installed with rubbers & end caps.

  • Roller needle bearing conversion replaces standard swing arm bushings.

  • Painted foot barke, foot rest, & new foot-peg, kick-star, shifter rubbers.





  • Front hub Polished/Painted/Chromed or Nickled to “show” quality.

  • New rims (18"/19"/21" front, 19"/18"/17" rear) polished to "show" quality standard.

  • Wheels laced with new Polished/Painted/Chromed and/or Nickled to “show” quality spokes & nipples

  • New rim strips, inner tubes & tires installed.

  • New, stainless brake air inlet cover plate installed with stainless fasteners.

  • New speedometer drive.

  • New wheel bearings, caps, covers & bearing retainers, 

  • Polished/Painted/chromed and/or Nickled.



Brakes and Suspensions


  • New brake hardware, fasteners & shoes (front & rear) installed.

  • Spacificaly for drum brake motorcycles we have several choises of brake componds to improve stopping distances, we even offer compettion brake compounds.

  • We offer a simular service with all vintage disk brake model's.

  • Rear brake linkage is Polished/chrome/Cad/Nickle plated as required.

  • Painted as required, sidestand, center stand, & brake return spring.

  • New fork tubes, bushings, dampener rods & chrome/Cad/Nickle plated caps.

  • Stock or Progressive fork springs.

  • New fork seals and gaiters installed.

  • Stainless Steel/chrome/Cad plated seal retainers.

  • Fork sliders are “show”painted and/or polished.

  • New stainless rear shocks by Hagon.


At SCS we continuously strive to improve on the quality of our restorations.


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